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Photographing your Art Work

When photographing your art work the charge is $50 for the first piece and $25 for each additional piece close to the original size to maintain the largest file size. It includes copying your art piece to size at 300 dpi. We will copy your artwork up to 20x24 at this price. It also includes cropping and basic color correction to our monitor and burning to a CD.

For artwork larger then 20x24 we will have to do multiple copy sections of your piece which requires more time on our part both at the camera and computer. The cost of this is $75 per piece. If you decide that you want your piece photographed in 1 capture you must approve this in writing when you drop off your art piece.

Challenging art pieces that require more time because of materials used on the piece that do not photograph well and need extra time to correct will be billed at $75 per hour and billed in half hour time after the minimum time of 1 hour.

Dropbox- we don’t mind using dropbox to send images to you. There is a charge of $10 per upload session and the work will remain up for 5 days. It is your responsibility to download the images in that time. If we have to upload them a second time there with be a $10 charge again, no exceptions.

We can mail your CD to you via first class mail. The cost to do that is $15 per each time we have to mail you your work. You may also bring a padded envelope with the correct amount of postage and I will put it in the mailbox for you at no charge.

Before any artwork is started you must fill out an Art Work Worksheet and pay for the work before it gets started. You are required to pay the invoice in full. If any additional services are required they will have to be paid before any work is delivered, picked up or uploaded.

We accept cash, local checks, and all major debit and credit cards drawn on U.S. banks. You must have a valid resale certificate, if not all state and local taxes will be added to your invoice.

All printing files remain the property of Up Country Fine Art, LLC. Only raw color corrected files are available for sale or transfer of your art work.