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Setup and Editing your work

We require submission of Print Ready Files- files that are scaled to the requested size, include a color profile, and any requested margin. If your print order requires file setup, editing or dial enhancement, there will be a small surcharge to prepare Print Ready Files. We always check all files before sending them to the printer. We want to make sure there are no glitches that will cause the file not to print correctly (e.g., dust, flaws, etc). If we need to make corrections to your file charges will be applied.

Basic File Preparation Fees

Size & Format image for Print: $5 per image
Add Margin: $5 per image
Creating additional .JPG files for online submission/specific pixel dimensions: $5 per image
Complex file instructions (saving one file in several variations, etc) : $5+ per file
File Consultation: $5+ per file (depending on how much we have to chat about each file)

I'm happy to help you work through your print file but the above items are not included in our basic Giclee Print Pricing. To prepare your file for print we may need to add some of the work mentioned and our studio labor must be accounted for. We may need to add a small fee for lengthy emailing to discuss images and work to be done. Please understand this is a business not a club.

Is my image ready to be printed?

  • The file should be exactly 300 dpi at the size you want printed.
  • It should have RGB Color Space. 
  • Include a color profile (Adobe 1998 is what we work with and recommend)
  • Include any margin you want the print to have 
  • Be in .JPG (High Quality) or .TIF format **

**For .TIF files, make sure that “Image Compression” Setting are selected and the .JPG file format option is set to “Baseline” ( Standard )”

Photographing your Artwork

When photographing your artwork the charge is $50 per piece. It includes copying your art piece to size at 300 dpi. We will copy your artwork up to 20x24 at this price. It also includes cropping and basic color correction to our monitor and burning to a CD.

For artwork larger then 20x24 we will have to do multiple copy sections of your piece which requires more time on our part both at the camera and computer. The cost of this is $75 per piece. If you decide that you want your piece photographed in 1 capture you must approve this in writing when you drop off your art piece.

Challenging art pieces that require more time because of materials used on the piece that do not photograph well and need extra time to correct will be billed at $75 per hour and billed in half hour time after the minimum time of 1 hour.